#1 Professional SEO plans to skyrock your ranks

SEOplanner help websites in any niche to rank higher on Google.
We sell monthly plans that help from individuals to large corporations to get more organic traffic, and therefore more leads, sales and business.

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SEO Plans that grow your business in automatic mode

You don't have to worry anymore about SEO. You can rest or focus on the other areas of your business.
Our team will analyze your market, the top competitors, most traffic keywords and work for you to achieve the first results on Search Engines.

Long term benefits from being found

Appearing on top results on search engines not only drive visitors or sales for your website. With time your brand will become an authority on your niche as customers will regularly see that Google recommends you website.

Monthly Plans for everyone

Not every niche have the same competition, and not every business is the same, so we have different priced plans.

Feature Comparision Startup Enterprise Custom
TIER 1 BACKLINKS 10 25 Unlimited
TIER 2 BACKLINKS 50 125 Unlimited
TIER 3 BACKLINKS 200 625 Unlimited
Target keywords 5 Unlimited (RSS available) Unlimited
Target URLs 1 Unlimited (RSS available) Unlimited
Press paid links 1 2-3 Unlimited
Tier 2 blog to each press BACKLINKS 10 20 20
TIER 3 to each blog 50 200 Unlimited
Keyword ranks tracked daily 10 50 Unlimited
Daily search traffic report
Natural spread accross the month
Negative domains report for disavow
On-page optimization report
Nautral mix of dofollow and nofollow
Natural spread accross the month
Dashboard access
Dedicated account manager
API Access
Results at 3 months Results at 3 months


499,00€ monthly

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999,00€ monthly

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